Study 2

This study involves you completing a short exercise test at the University of Brighton sport science laboratories in Eastbourne (20 miles east of Brighton). You will be able to complete the exercise test on the 18th March, 19th March, 25th March or 26th March. The whole process should take no longer than 1 hour, with the exercise test consisting of a maximum 20 minutes of running.

Location – Welkin Laboratories, University of Brighton, Carlisle Road, Eastbourne. BN20 7SP

What to bring – running attire, a drink and a towel and change of clothes if you wish to have a shower afterwards.

We would next see you at the pre-race exhibition where we would take a small sample of blood (3mls – a teaspoon) and provide you with a heart rate monitor to wear during the race.

At the finish line we would take another small sample of blood and collect the heart rate monitor.

If you are interested in participating then please fill in this short form so we can send you the right information alternatively email with any questions.